Flat Bed Conveyor Range

Virginio Nastri has more than 35 years of experience as a producer of conveying, separation and automation systems suitable for injection and blow moulded parts.

The PNL Flatbed range of conveyors from Virginio are very popular as the cater for sizes rangings from 220mm to 1200mm width and 1000mm to more than 10000mm in length as well as adjustable height from belt level to the floor. The conveyors are supplied in painted steel and have an adjustable 25° angle.

The PNL conveyors can be equipped with special control boxes to enable robots to work in conjunction with the conveyors, but are supplied as standard with a belt speed of 4m/min.

The range can also be tailored to suit the customers requirements including being made in aluminium framework, with or without telescopic legs and with a speed of up to 6m/min.

The HL range is similar to the PNL range but made without sidewalls and at varying lengths and widths.

For more information on the variants of on any of the following range of equipment then contact one of our team on 0844 6933225.


PNL Flat Bed Range

(available in 1,000mm to 12,000mm length in 500mm increments)