Incline Conveyor Range


Virginio Nastri has 35 years of experience as a producer of systems suitable for injection and blow moulded parts. Virginio Nastri range of belt conveyor systems and product handling/transfer equipment is of excellent quality with an emphasis on design and durability to survive tough environments.

For those with the need to convey products on an incline the CB, CL, SV, VRA & VRB range of conveyors are perfect for this, with widths ranging from 250mm to 500mm and inclines of 1300mm and 2000mm.

For more information on the variants of on any of the following range of equipment then contact one of our team on 0844 6933225.

CB Incline
CBS Adjustable Incline
CL Incline
SV Incline
VRA Water Bath Incline
VRB Water Bath Incline


CB Range -

Supplied in painted steel and mounted on a pump support stand. They are supplied with PU belts with 20mm flights, but this can be adjusted up to 50mm. The fixed belt speed is 4m/min but can also be adjusted to 6m/min.