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Renmar offer our own range of compressed air and dehumidifying dryers

Compressed Air Dryers
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Renmar MES / MDS Compressed Air Dryers

We now have our own range of compressed air dryers

All models are designed to be installed above machine and the units are designed for a small-medium throughput.

The electronic control panel allows easy setting via the internal data base of main materials.

The flow of compressed air is modulated through the electronic card in function of the process time capacity and type of material this in combination with the anti stress system, it automatically reduces the power consumption;

• Automatic programming with daily / weekly timer
• Microprocessor board for electronic PID control
• Air flow control
• Wide range of drying hoppers in stainless steel with ceramic fiber insulation
• Acoustic alarm.
• High pressure blowers
• Compact design
• Compressed air filter

Compress air specs

 MES MDS Image