Renmar Hopper Loaders & Valves

Through our own materials handling equipment we offer we have a full range of hopper loading devices including proportional valves.

We have both the single phase AMS loaders and the three phase CTS loaders.

The smallest single phase loader is the AMS2 with its single phase 0.95kw motor with convey rate of 50kg per hour through to the AMS14 capable of up to 210kg per hour.

AMS Hopper Loaders
CTS/UTS Hopper Loaders
VPS Proportional Valves

The AMS loader is our economical single phase loader with a 950w motor complete with built-in filter cleaning facility. Stainless steel construction body with easy to use controls. The AMS units can be used in conjunction with the VPS proportional valve for introducing virgin and regrind.

ResizedImageWzYwMCwyNDFd single phase hopper


single phase hopper 2

AMS2 4 Loader R