Pulsotronic Metal Detectors


Pulsotronic offer two options for metal detection devices for conveyors – the tunnel and surface detectors. The tunnels are ideal for higher products from 50mm+ and the surface detectors are ideal for flat products with a height of no more than 50mm.

Pulsotronic Tunnel Metal Detectors
Pulsotronic Surface Metal Detectors

Within the tunnel range Pulsotronic offer 2 types; M-Pulse TU Tunnel Detectors & Digtal Plus Tunnel Detectors.

Pulsotronic M-Pulse TU Tunnel Detectors –

The M-Pulse TU tunnel metal detectors will detect the metal and the operator is able to stop the conveyor and remove the metal parts.The TU sensor serves for retrofitting a metal detector on existing lines as well as for mounting on conveyor belts and chutes that cannot be split. Though it is possible to split the sensor for mounting and to re-assemble it afterwards, the tunnel detector TU provides highest sensitivity for metal detection. As the metal passes through the tunnel shape it will sound an alarm to indicate so.


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