Cap Cooler


This patented machine will be a real added bonus to those producing multi-cavity caps and closures, the unit is very compact and unlike its competitors has a much lower energy cost for running. Instead of using a chiller to air blast the caps or a very long conveyor fitted with numerous fans, this unit uses “time” and 0.12kW motor to transfer the caps in a controlled manner from the low entry point from a conveyor to the upper outlet for discharge into large boxes. This gives the guarantee that no matter what the temperature of the cap leaving the tool it will be at ambient temperature at discharge and will elevate any scrap caps through distortion or ovulation. The tools can run faster cycle times and as a result of running the moulds at higher temperature there is less wear and tear and therefore less downtime.

The unit is modular in height to cater for thicker section caps or high outputs but the actual foot print is 1500mm x 700mm, easily located beside any moulding machine. Pay back is estimated to be in weeks and not months!

  • Strong reduction of moulds maintenance (the “extraction tear” is at higher temperature)
  • Reduction of the cycle time (you can open after a shorter time from the polymerization phase)
  • After the time on the CAP COOLER circuit they are at environment temperature, no deformations on final box
  • Total energy consumption for all this 0,24 kw/h  by really low overall dimensions

CaptureCap cooler 2Cap cooler 3CAP.COOLER.04