Water Flow Regulators


Our water flow regulators are widely used in the plastics processing sector being seen on injection moulding machines, extruders and thermoformers. They give a clear indication of the flow of water to and from the tool and the temperature gauge is good indicator of water is happening within the process.

We have two types available; the ZR/ZS capable of upto 95°C and the RWFR160 capable of upto 160°C.

ZR / ZS Upto 95°C
RWFR Upto 160°C

Models -

  • ZR Model with 3/8” BSP-  Brass Insert Female Process Fittings.
  • ZS Model with 3/8” Tail – Brass Insert Male Process Fittings.

Specifications -

  • 30% GF - PA6 nylon body.
  • Built-in Thermometer Gauge.
  • Maximum temperature range upto 95°C
  • Water Inlet/Outlet – ¾” BSP
  • Flow Rate – 720ltr/hr.
  • Polyamide Tubes - Quick Release Locking Mechanism
  • Stainless Steel Tie Rods – Aluminium Side Frames.
  • 1 – 12 Zone Available as Standard – Larger custom built units to order.