AEC Mould Heaters

(Temperature Control Units)

Renmar Plastics Machinery are the only official UK distributors for the AEC TCU, VCU, ZG and 9012 temperature control mould heater ranges and usually hold several models in stock.

The range of mould heaters provide highly accurate control for production applications requiring a continuous supply of temperature-controlled water up to 120°C on the standard units, but can be built to handle up to 150°C. The standard units have the heating capacity of 9 & 12kw but again can be built up to 48kw and even though they are designed for injection moulding machines they can be adapted to a more specialist unit to suit many other industries, for example can be made completely in stainless steel suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries.

The mould heaters are energy efficient due to the high flow rates. As water is delivered through the tool, turbulence occurs which increases the efficiency of the unit and gives better heat transfer. Because the water is delivered at a higher rate and at a potential higher temperature, the tool is heated more quickly and reaches the desired operating temperature in a much shorter time. The result is a mould heater that uses considerably less energy than many competitive heaters.

  • Off –the-shelf microprocessor based PID Eurotherm (or Delta) temperature controller with Process and Setpoint LED readouts
  • 9-48kw Heaters
  • 1-10HP Pumps
  • Graphic control panel with indicator and warning lights
  • Compact cabinet
  • Independent high temperature safety thermostat
  • Flow rates of 189 to 378 litres per minute with 2.1 to 4.4 bar pressure.

Other changes can be made to factory built units to suit customer requirements such as painted in different colours, controllers with extra parameters, communication ports, auto purge, audible & visual alarms and more.

And to tackle troublesome cooling circuit leaks in processes our 9012 Positive/Negative Pressure TCU can tackle this.

Renmar AEC TCU Mould Heater
Renmar AEC VCU Mould Heater
Renmar AEC ZG Mould Heater
Renmar AEC 9012 Mould Heater

The TCU range, the “big brother” to the ZG comes in both compact or upright design, the latter being more appropriate when you require a higher kw heating range (32-48kw).

  • TCU100 – 1hp/0.75kw motor – 132 litres per min – 2.0 bar 
  • TCU200 – 2hp/1.49kw motor – 189 litres per min – 2.0 bar
  • TCU300 – 3hp/2.24kw motor – 227 litres per min – 2.7 bar
  • TCU500 – 5hp/3.73kw motor – 284 litres per min – 3.7 bar
  • TCU750 – 7.5hp/5.60kw motor – 341 litres per min – 4.3 bar
  • TCU1000 Upright - 10hp/7.46kw motor - 378 litres per min - 4.4 bar

AEC TCU WEBSITE VERSIONClick here for user manuals and for troubleshooting, spare parts and quick start guides check out our Support page.