Mould Tool Descaler


It is a fact; water contains lime and where water is used to heat and cool injection moulding tools, lime scale will occur. Even if a lime scale inhibitor is used in the water supply, a build-up of lime scale is inevitable and it will have a negative effect on the cooling of the mould tool. Marse has designed a simple Mould Tool Descaling Unit which, if used regularly as part of the planned maintenance programme will keep all the mould tool waterways clear.

Simply remove the tool from the moulding machine, fill the Descaling Unit with a chemical lime scale remover and connect it to the water inlet. Connect a pipe to water outlet and start the cleaning process – a suitable container will be needed to collect the used chemical cleaner. Cleaning times will depend on the severity of the lime scale build-up.

The Marse D-35 mould tool descaler is without a doubt the most efficient unit in the maintenance of your machines and moulds in order to prevent calcium build up.

Minimum maintenance is required because there isn’t any o’rings in the pump and the pump is also manufactured especially to work with acids.

The unit is totally portable as it is provided with wheels for easy movement.

Model D-35
Tank capacity 30 lit
Pump power 0.37 kw
Pump flow 3000 lit/h
Voltage 230 – 400 / 3 / 50 hz
Dimensions 800 x 400 x 750 mm

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