Additive and masterbatch dosers are used for introducing colour granules into any plastics processing machine.

The SB Plastics Machinery range of COLOUR volumetric masterbatch and additive dosing units and dosers have an impressive throughput range and are available on short lead times. The volumetric masterbatch dosing units are designed for use with plastics but can be tailored to other similar industries.

The COLOUR volumetric masterbatch and additive dosers are also suitable for additives and for both injection moulding machines (colour) and extrusion. One of our cost effective compressed air loaders can also be mounted to the doser. The COLOUR volumetric masterbatch dosers can be mounted with up to four on one common neck piece and the addition of a mixer beneath is also available.

  • Throughput range from 0.05 to 60kg/h
  • Brushless motor
  • Stainless steel components
  • Compact dimensions
  • Complete discharge hopper
  • Static mixer
  • Automatic or manual controller
  • Maintenance program
  • No need to change screw and sleeve

Read our case study about supplying Strata Products with 16 x SB Plastics Machinery COLOUR 1 volumetric masterbatch dosing units

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