Swan Neck Conveyor Range

CBD Swan Neck Conveyor

Also known as change of angle conveyors, the swan neck conveyor range is our most popular range of Virginio Nastri conveyors, the most popular model being the CBD/8 with an overall length of 2605mm and width of 350mm. The swan neck conveyor range varies from belt widths of 250mm to 450mm and each come complete with a paddle separator to ensure reject sprues don't end up with the finished moulds.

The swan neck conveyors are typically located at the side of the moulding machine to move products from floor level to operator or box handling level.

The range is not just limited to the plastics industry, the conveyors can be used for all manner of products from food, pharmaceuticals, automotive, packaging and consumer products.

Custom-built conveyor units can be manufactured to suit any injection moulding machine.

  • Painted steel or stainless steel
  • With or without paddle separator
  • PVC non slip blue belt (or PU belt with flights ranging from 8mm-50mm)
  • Fixed belt speed of 4m/min but can be adjusted to 6m/min

The swan neck conveyors can also be used in conjunction with our SAS free standing separator.

For more information on our range of Virginio Nastri swan neck conveyors contact us on 0844 6933225 or email us

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