Oil Filtration

In an effort to improve the efficiency of your machines whilst at the same time reducing your production down time Renmar have teamed with Triple R to offer oil cleaning and filters. With one goal in mind - to get your oil perfectly clean.

The low cost Triple R bypass oil filters will totally clean the oil removing all solid particles, sludge and water from the oil which will be having a knock on effect of the performance of your machines.

Did you know... that it is a necessity for any industry to guarantee the perfect lubrication of hydraulic machinery and gearboxes. However, to obtain perfect lubrication it requires the oil to be 100% clean but more than 70% of all hydraulic machinery are highly contaminated - this is where Renmar and Triple R can help.

Some of the world's largest companies rely on Premium Oil Filters and other products from Triple R to obtain the most efficient and effective oil filtration possible.

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Machine oil cleaning & Machine oil filtration