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500 and counting...with a little help from the United Plastics Group

Twelve months ago Renmar announced that they had sold 300 mould heaters in two years. But since then, more than 200 further units have been sold and there is a very good reason for this level of success.

Managing Director, Kevin Horne attributes these sales quite simply to a proactive policy towards holding larger stocks of machines which they know will eventually sell: “Some while ago, we took the view that the mould heater ranges would sell far better if we were able to hold stocks of the more popular models and, therefore, be in the position where we could provide customers with fast delivery times. So now from receipt of order we can usually deliver in less than ten days.”

This is, without doubt, an effective policy to be able to adopt as in many cases, customers simply can’t wait months and months for products such as mould heaters to be delivered.

A customer who has taken advantage of the policy is UPG. Their Managing Director is Lee Bowen: “We have updated our ancillary equipment in recent years, including the purchase of several mould heaters from Renmar. We are making significant investment in additional injection moulding machines this year and the high level of service and equipment performance we receive make Remnar the obvious choice. In the unlikely event that we ever have a problem with one of the mould heaters, we know that we can rely on Renmar to sort the problem out quickly as they keep stocks of the heaters that we use.”

Together with the standard mould heater ranges, Renmar can also organise modified versions which will be built to customers own specifications. For more information please contact us on 0844 6933225.

Kevin Pic for UPG