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A good year for Renmar

The year ending 31st March 2016 has been the best ever for Wellingborough based Renmar with an increase in turnover of 40%.

A number of different factors have contributed to this increase. Full-time representation in the North of England has ensured that every enquiry has been followed-up correctly. A significant increase in marketing activity with the launch of the new website and increased advertising and PR has also helped. But what has really made a difference is the policy of bulk purchasing and stocking faster selling products such as mould heaters – Instead of waiting possibly months for a product to be delivered to clients, certain products can be delivered in a matter of days after official orders are received.

Kevin Horne is the Managing Director of Renmar: “While last year was an excellent one for Renmar we have no intention of standing still. Last year we took on the Marse range of dryers and hopper loaders and it always takes time to establish new products in any market. We expect the Marse range to make more of a contribution this year and we are also looking at other products to further enhance our current ranges with the intention of making next year, our tenth anniversary, our best yet.”

Arrowquint, a sister company to Renmar, who specialise in controlling static electricity in the print and packaging industries were able to increase business by 60%.

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