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AMUT continues to improve the technology of lines producing PP pipes with glass fibres and mineral filler (calcium carbonate or barium sulphate). The pipes extruded with this technology are used for hot water piping and soundproofing drainage piping.

The glass fibres improve the elastic and mechanical properties of the material, the reduction in pipe thickness, maintaining the same resistance level, and the thermal expansion (less joints are required). The quality of pipes is definitely enhanced. 


The line has a range of diameters from 16 to 200 mm, with SDR 6–11, and the new design 3-layer co-extrusion head allows a configuration A-B-A or A-B-C with external coloured stripes.



The co-extrusion line configuration consists of four extruders:

EA60  Single Screw Extruder - (A) Internal/External Layer

EA75  Single Screw Extruder - (B) Middle Layer (Glass Fibres/Mineral Filler)

EA60  Single Screw Extruder - (C) External Layer

EA20  Single Screw Extruder - External Coloured Stripes


The extruders are fed by gravimetric system for a better control of the output and each screw and barrel undergo a special anti-abrasion treatment to process properly the glass fibres or the mineral filler.


The production changeover, according to the chosen diameter, is very quick because the whole re-tooling concept is devised to minimize times and manual operator intervention.


The gauging measurement system continuously controls all the parameters during the production process to ensure a top quality pipes. The software manages the different recipes.


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