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Global plastics company choose Renmar and Cumberland

Global plastics company enlisted the help of Renmar as they were looking to replace 2 edge trim granulators they had from another supplier as they felt they weren't coping. Since they have been a customer of Cumberland for many years and have many different models on the shop floor dating back decades's that keep up with production it was the obvious choice. After a site visit to determine full details of the application a 4070 was quoted and subsequently ordered, this machine has been able to replace both the struggling granulators. Whilst on site the customer mentioned another application where they needed a granulator with a large rear feed hopper to process off cuts. They currently have a Cumberland 40100 running a similar job in the factory so wanted a replica of this. After some modifications to the feed hopper to allow for the existing conveyor and the addition of a side feed opening for second stage granulation next year the machine was ordered.