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Is it time to improve your plastic recycling process?

With all of the recent news about plastics and recycling could now be the time for you to improve the process you have for recycling your plastic? If so, then Renmar Plastics Machinery have all the equipment you need.

With our range of Engin Plast granulators we cater for throughputs of 15kgs/hr right up to 3500kgs/hr. The granulators are built with impressive features such as being soundproofed, having long-life cutting blades, compressed air self-clean cutting chamber and even the ability to have a water-cooled cutting chamber option.

The Engin Plast granulators are available as beside-the-press, medium-sized, large central granulators and we also have models suitable for thermoforming, edge-trim and blown film ribbon.

X40 60 Series Medium to Central2


In addition to the granulators we offer the ISVE shredder range which comprises of single-shaft, four-shaft and combi-series shredders.

The single and four shaft series are capabale throughputs of over 800kg/hr of larger items. However, most unique of all is the combi-series shredder which is part shredder, part granulator. The combi-series is ideal for taking a large item and reducing it to small particles by first passing through the shredder and then reduced further by the granulator cutting chamber located underneath.

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For more information on how you can improve your plastic recycling process visit our website.