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Manthorpe Building take Renmar Hopper Loader

Manthorpe Building Take Renmar Hopper Loader

Manthorpe Building Products are one of those not so common British companies who sell what they manufacture to end users – in this case, the building industry. Their ranges of  Access Panels, Air Leakage products, Cavity Closers, Cavity Trays, Dry Roofing products, Flood Defence, Loft Doors, Roof Ventilation, Drainage Channels and Through Wall & Underfloor Vents are used extensively throughout the commercial and residential building industries.
With over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, the company manufactures virtually all their products in-house and has recently undergone a significant investment in processing systems for injection moulding, extruding and vacuum forming. One of their latest purchases has been a Marse MA/7P4-VP hopper loader from Renmar which will be used for handling virgin and regrind materials.
The version of the MA/7P4-VP purchased by Manthorpe Building Products has been supplied with a built-in proportional valve and an all-in one controller with convey and delay timers for the proportional valve. This is automatically controlled by the hopper loader cycle making it not only easier but more convenient for the operator.
The units are supplied with their own flexible suction hoses and probes, however the VP (Proportional Valve) can be mounted directly on the inlet of the hopper loader or remotely and connected by a short length of flexible hose as required. The main drive motor for the loader is a three phase 1.5kW unit and unlike single phase is less likely to have issues when handling dusty material generally found in regrind.
Darrin Stock is the Operations Director for Mansthorpe Building Products: “We chose to buy the MA/7P4-VP hopper loader from Renmar for a number of reasons; build quality, price and availability were all important considerations. But having had dealings with Renmar before we know that they place extra emphasis on customer service so if something goes wrong we know that they will sort the problem promptly.”