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Mobile Ballistic Separator Single Stage SBS201: technology and efficiency to meet any requirements

In a global context of continuously growing economies, the waste treatment will play a significant role: recovering and regenerating the resources from waste is the new target, reintroducing it as secondary raw materials or exploiting its energy potential.

It refers to the current CIRCULAR ECONOMY model:  the process “make-use-dispose”  will be replaced  by the “make-use-recycle- make” cycle, creating more ecofriendly this economic phase.

In this scenario, waste industry players need to be able to produce materials having features very similar to virgin raw materials. They need to trust in partners able to supply technology and equipment performing high level of efficiency starting at separation of the material coming from the differentiated waste collection.

Mobile Ballistic Separator Single Stage SBS201

AMUT ECOTECH is strongly experienced on technologies to meet different market requirements, since it has been created by merging Amut, an Italian company manufacturing equipment and plants for plastic processing industry, and another well-known company manufacturing recycling plants. With AMUT ECOTECH, AMUT Group closes the loop in the pursuit of environmental sustainability: washing plants, efficient waste recovering and recycling facilities, processing lines for extrusion, thermoforming, packaging film lines, printing and converting machines and plants.

AMUT ECOTECH will exhibit at IFAT 2016 one of its best equipment able to show the expertise and ability to design following the customers’ requirements: the Mobile Ballistic Separator Single Stage SBS201 standing out for its features of flexibility and adaptability. It is a hook-lift equipment that can be easily transported and installed where operations are required. It can be added to existing lines or used as standalone equipment used for onsite separation by companies processing waste materials, even without installation in permanent plant.

Mobile Ballistic Separator Single Stage SBS201 technology and efficiency to meet any requirements

The ballistic separator SBS201 works on different density and physical characteristics of the inlet flow material to obtain 3 different fractions: small flat fraction (polyethylene film, paper and cardboard), rolling and heavy fraction (container for liquids and packages having hemispherical shape) and rejected fraction (mixed material for rejection having size passing through the holes of paddles).

The standard configuration can be adapted according to input material physical characteristics or desired output (separation of 2 or 3 fractions) by simply adjusting the inclination or the holes size.

AMUT ECOTECH offers single equipment or complete plants starting from sorting of different materials ‘till the production of secondary raw material (flakes) or solid recover fuel (SRF). The engineering skills and strong experience in manufacturing and supplying waste facilities installations ensure to customers tailored solutions based on specific requirements and without layout restrictions. These solutions can be integrated in other product lines of AMUT Group, of which AMUT ECOTECH is part: pre-washing equipment, de-labeler, washing and recycling plants for plastics materials processing them in order to put them back on the market in the form of flakes or pellets.

AMUT will exhibit a de-labeler DLB 60 at IFAT.

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