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Amut Extruder Supplied to Broadway Colours

Back in 2013, Broadway colours purchased an Amut EA75 extruder as part of a major expansion programme. Now, with the installation of a second Amut EA75, Broadway Colours has been able to greatly increase its supply of powders to the rotational moulding industries.  Back in 1997, Broadway Colours started life as a supplier of colour masterba...

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Renmar signs up Brago Engineering

In Brago Engineering, Renmar now has the services of full time planned maintenance specialists for routine servicing and maintenance who are just as capable of handling major rebuilds and machine installations. For whatever reason, when a customer’s machine fails to perform properly that customer is going to want it fixed as quickly as poss...

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24/7 Customer Support

We have improved the navigation of our website for the user manuals & troubleshooting guide sections to enable our customers to have access to support 24/7. User Manuals -   Troubleshooting Guides - 

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48kw Mould Heater Purchased

48kw Mould Heater Purchased Well known Northern Ireland based aerospace manufacturer purchased several 48kW AEC TCU mould heaters for a very specialised cast mould production project from Renmar. Having fought off stiff competition we finally got the order based on technical specification and since the order was placed the customer has upgr...

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