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Yorkshire based plastics company purchases a further Cumberland granulator

Malton Plastics have ordered a further Cumberland granulator from Renmar to add to their range of ancillary equipment on the shop floor. They chose to go for a Cumberland again after being so pleased with the performance of the 3045 they bought in 2014.The 1640 model chosen this time around is one of the smallest in the range but has an imp...

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Renmar assist plastic company with a tight schedule

Norham Plastics came to Renmar for assistance in tool heating for a very large press, after some calculations it was decided they would need 2 of the AEC TCU300 24kW mould heaters. Each of these units are capable of heating to 120 degrees as standard and producing 227 litres per minute.The units were able to be built within 4 weeks at the c...

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Injection Moulder takes granulator and conveyor from stock

D&B Injection Moulders make small plastic parts on 20 tonne moulding-  machines, they were looking to find a company who could assist with sprue separation and granulation. Following a site visit it was decided a Virginio Nastri CBD/7 could bring the parts up from the well of the machine and the paddle would push the sprues into the top of ...

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Amut join PlastikCity

Amut is the first company to join the new machinery section for Blown Film, Extrusion & Thermoforming on PlastikCity - Linking Serious Buyers to the Best Suppliers

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