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Equipment on short lead times

With lead times as short as 1 week Renmar are able to supply the following equipment to keep you operational; SB Plastics Machinery COLOUR Dosers SB Plastics Machinery FSB 1-3 Single Phase Hopper Loaders SB Plastics Machinery FTB Three Phase Hopper Loaders SB Plastics Machinery DBN/104 Dehumidifying Dryers Virginio Nastri CBD/7 Swan Neck Co...

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Renmar wins at the BUILD Recycling & Waste Management 2019 Awards

Renmar Plastics Machinery are proud to be announced as the winners of the "Most Innovative Recycling Solutions Provider" at the BUILD Recycling & Waste Management 2019 Awards.  

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2019 - quite a year for Renmar

Now that Christmas is over for another year, we reflect back on our year in 2019. Renmar Plastics Machinery had a very good 2019 and hope to continue the trend throughout 2020. Some of our highlights were as follows; Our partnership with Italian size reduction manufacturers ISVE (shredders) and Engin Plast (granulators) continued to be a ro...

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New Product from Virginio Nastri for 2020 - The Double-Stack CPS Carousel

A new product from Virginio Nastri in 2020 is the double-stack box/bag CPS carousel. Essentially using the original 4, 6 or 8 station design of the CPS carousel and doubling it, the double-stack method allows for double the amount of products to be fed in to boxes or bags via the chutes. Contact us for more information on this new product w...

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