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Renmar Central Granulators

We recently introduced you to our medium to central X series granulators and this week we touch on the central granulators R Series. In this range we have seven models in the "R Series" which are the R80-46, R130-46, R80-55, R100-55, R80-70, R100-70 & R150-80. These units are capable of throughputs of 800-3500kgs/hr and are standard with re...

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Renmar Thermoforming Granulators

Over the past few weeks we have been introducing you to our new range of granulators and so far have covered our beside-the-press, medium to central and central granulators, this week we touch on the thermoforming granulators T Series. Before Christmas we will also cover the TT Edge Trim series and X Blown Film Ribbon series. In this range ...

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Two new Virginio Nastri conveyors for Thermoseal

Thermoseal’s Birmingham division have ordered two virginio nastri conveyors to compliment the new injection moulding machines they recently purchased earlier this year. The conveyors are custom built to run through the well of the machine before inclining up to a paddle separator where the parts and sprues are successfully separated before ...

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BP&R News Features

We were featured on several occasions in this month's British Plastics & Rubber (BP&R) magazine.

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