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Renmar teams up with Suresense Technologies to provide energy saving options for our customers

Renmar is aware that the cost of running a production or recycling facility is a vast expense and we wanted to find a way to assist our customers in reducing those costs. One easy way to save on your running costs is by reducing your energy bills. Teaming up with Suresense Technologies, Renmar can now provide you with just the way to make e...

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PMMDA Members

Renmar Plastics Machinery Limited are members of the PMMDA (Polymer Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association) with Kevin Horne being the current Chairman of the association.

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Kent based technical moulder order 2 x VCU300-12kW

Kent based technical moulder order 2 x VCU300-12kW for their mould shop, this is related to new tooling they are commissioning which required accurate control on temperature but far more importantly the higher flow rates offered by Renmar with the AEC units. The customer had used the AEC TDW for many years at a previous company and they con...

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TCU mould heater for Midlands based technical moulder

Midlands based technical moulder for the automotive sector ordered their second TCU mould heater, this was based on the great experience they had with the first unit allowing them better control over flow and temperature whilst moulding parts for a large German automotive producer. They are able to provide data to prove to their customer th...

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