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‘Check mate’ for Renmar with major installation at UK manufacturer Chess Plastics

Ancillaries supplier to the plastics industry, Renmar, had a busy end to 2015 supplying a large order to UK injection moulder, Chess Plastics.

Droitwich-based Chess is undergoing a significant investment programme, ongoing for 2016, for which Renmar won the contract to supply the materials handling equipment.

“Chess is going through an intensive investment programme which has seen the installation of four new Negri Bossi machines with six axis robots during 2015 and we were looking for an ancillary supplier who could offer the right solutions at the right price to supplement these machines,” explained Glyn Olden, Managing Director at Chess Plastics.

As part of this solution, Renmar has supplied four AEC BD500-4 gravimetric blenders and one BD900-4 gravimetric blender.

Each of the blenders have been mounted on mobile floor support frames with buffer hoppers beneath, which are fitted with suction take-off boxes and probes for use with existing machine-mounted hopper loaders.

Located on the main two feed hoppers of each of the new AEC blenders are two single-phase Marse MA-2 loaders and two Marse MA-7 hopper loaders. Renmar was awarded the UK and Ireland distribution rights for the Marse range of materials handling products late last year.

Each blender has dosing stations for up to four materials with throughput capabilities of between 220 – 420kg/hr which Chess Plastics is using to convey virgin materials, regrind, masterbatch and additives to respective stations on the blender. The blender doses the components, into the weigh hoppers, which in turn drops the material into a mixing vessel once the correct batch weight has been reached. With mixing complete, the material is discharged through a slide valve into the buffer bin beneath.

Concluding, Olden said: “Renmar listened to our needs and then supplied everything we had asked for with the supply of loaders, blenders and water heaters.”

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