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Get your consumables through Renmar

Renmar has a wide range of consumables to complement the impressive range of ancillaries and machinery.

Screws & Barrels

  With an exclusive partnership with Maxi Melt, a market leading designer and manufacturer of plasticising components for the extrusion and injection moulding sectors, Renmar can provide:
  • Bimetallic and Nitrided Barrels
  • Screws in various steels, with hard facing or surface treatments
  • New MAXI MELT profile designs to optimise the plasticising process
  • Miscellaneous components including cylinder heads, adaptors and nozzles, in various types of steels and treatments
  • Refurbishment services for screws and barrels
  • Technical assistance to evaluate and improve process efficiencies

Screws 6


Oil Filtration

In an effort to improve the efficiency of your machines whilst at the same time reducing your production down time Renmar have teamed with Triple R to offer oil cleaning and filters. With one goal in mind - to get your oil perfectly clean.

Energy Saving Solutions


Renmar is aware that the cost of running a production or recycling facility is a vast expense and we wanted to find a way to assist our customers in reducing those costs. One easy way to save on your running costs is by reducing your energy bills.

Teaming up with Suresense Technologies, Renmar can now provide you with just the way to make energy savings with the Suresense Integra unit for intelligent fixed speed motor control.

The Integra units are compatible with conveyors, crushers, granulators and shredders.



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