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Renmar is new distributor of Marse products in UK and Ireland

Renmar Ltd., based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, has announced it is now the UK and Ireland distributor for the Marse range of plastics materials handing equipment.

The company will be offering the full range of products from Spain-based Marse, which includes hopper loaders, dryers and descalers.

“The Marse materials handling range fills in some important gaps in the range of products that we have available. And the fact that everything is manufactured in Europe means that we can be very competitive with pricing and delivery times,” commented Renmar’s Dan Horne.

The Marse hopper loaders incorporate three individual ranges – MA, MAT and Duplo – and a total of seventeen different models. Each model is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and can handle a variety of different materials.

In addition, the range of MDD dehumidified dryers was designed for handling plastics. Features include different timing options and there are several safety features covering compressed air failure, over temperature alarm and desiccant bed change-over valve location. All of this is handled by an automatic programming facility. There are nine different models in the range.

Complimenting the dehumidified dryers is a new range of compressed air dryers. These have been designed for elevated installation in situations that require a small to medium throughput. An electronic control panel allows easy setting via an internal database of main materials.

Finally, the Marse portofilio includes a Mould Tool Descaling Unit for use in combating limescale buildup where water is used to heat or cool injection moulding tools. Used regularly as part of the planned maintenance programme the Mould Tool Descaling Unit is said to keep all mould tool waterways clear. The unit is also completely portable and is easy to move from one machine to the next.