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Renmar partners Maxi Melt for Replacement Screw Technology

Maximelt Injection screws

Renmar is a leading supplier of machinery and ancillaries to the UK plastic processing industry.

We’re delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with MAXI MELT, a market leading designer and manufacturer of plasticising components for the extrusion and injection moulding sectors. This partnership will enable Renmar to provide:

  • Bimetallic and Nitrided Barrels
  • Screws in various steels, with hard facing or surface treatments
  • New MAXI MELT profile designs to optimise the plasticising process
  • Miscellaneous components including cylinder heads, adaptors and nozzles, in various types of steels and treatments
  • Refurbishment services for screws and barrels
  • Technical assistance to evaluate and improve process efficiencies

For over 30 years MAXI MELT Maxi Melt has worked in close cooperation with their customers, developing solutions to improve process quality and reduce cycle times and manufacturing costs. The solutions they have developed provide outstanding resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Solutions to improve the injection moulding process include:

  • MAXI MELT custom screw designs for technical moulding, thin wall packaging, high viscosity polymers and specialist materials such as ceramics.
  • 3 Phase Screw profiles – include a barrier and pineapple mixer
  • Double flighted barrier screws to improve plasticising rates and reduce masterbatch usage
  • Thermoset screws available with internal cooling channels

MAXI MELT also offers a range of solutions for single and twin-screw extruders. The MAXI MELT screw geometry, having a lower compression ratio, is less affected by abrasion caused by shear during screw rotation. Depending on the customer’s specific needs, single screws can be manufactured in nitrided steel, stainless steel, tool steel or sintered steels (CPM). In the case of twin screws, nitrided steel can be proposed with hard facing and plasma on the flights.

Maximelt Extrusion screw

A range of bimetallic alloys are used for both single and twin bore barrels. This includes parallel, conical, co- and counter rotating units.

These solutions are now available directly to the UK market, with local technical and service support from the team at Renmar.


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