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Renmar supplies a cool solution for caps and closures

Ancillaries supplier, Renmar, has announced the availability of a new 'cap cooler' in the UK and Ireland.

The cap cooler, from Italian handling systems manufacturer, Virginio Nastri, has been designed for companies who manufacture multi-cavity caps and closures and who are currently using expensive-to-run chillers, or very long, fan-cooled belt conveyors as cooling mechanisms. Renmar says the cooler can replace these systems by providing both low energy consumption and compact design. Two 0.12kw motors provide the power for the cap cooler and payback has reportedly been estimated as weeks as opposed to months. The cooler has a footprint of 1500mm by 700mm, making it ideal for use in confined spaces, which is the key principle of the cap cooler, explained Renmar. The footprint is a constant dimension, what changes depending on the material being cooled is the height. The cooling time dictates the height, so each cap cooler is manufactured to the customers' requirement. This, says Renmar, then determines the length of the belt and the speed that it travels. To keep the pricing at a competitive level, the cap cooler is a modular design, which also makes it easy to service and maintain, added Renmar.

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