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Pulsotronic Metal Detection & Separation

Metal Detection -

We offer two options for metal detection devices for conveyors – the tunnel and surface detectors.

The tunnels are ideal for higher products from 50mm+ and the surface detectors are ideal for flat products with a height of no more than 50mm.

M Pulse Tunnel Detectors - will detect the metal and the operator is able to stop the conveyor and remove the metal parts


MESEP SP Surface Detectors - are flat detectors for all types of metal for the use in conveyor belts and chutes


MESEP AR Surface Detectors - is easily connectable and it has sensitivity levels beginning at 2.0mm at a distance of 5mm.


Metal Separation -

We cater for metal separation in the injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, recycling and vacuum conveying sectors.

Classic 50 Separator - does not require compressed air so it can just be installed anywhere, connected and then you can begin.


M Pulse Compact Separator - the 3 digital compressed air metal separators available with coil diameters of 25, 50 & 70mm. Suitable for moulding and extrusion.


M Pulse Extractor Separator - top of the line in the range, the M-Pulse extractor which enables even higher levels of sensitivity than the standard and digital range. Suitable for vacuum conveyor systems.


VA Type Separator - is appropriate for applications in the plastics, the pharmaceutical, the chemical or the food industry. The separating mechanics consists of durable stainless steel.


SE Type Separator - different operating electronics allow adapted solutions for each application. Suitable for plastics recycling.


For more information on any of our metal detection and separation products please visit our website or contact us.