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Renmar Granulator Range

Check out our Italian-made quality granulator range from Engin Plast.

Beside-The-Press (I Series)

Our I series is home to our beside-the-press range with the option of being either soundproofed or unsoundproofed and with throughput capabilities of 30-200kgs/hr.

I22 33 Beside The Press

Medium To Central (X Series)

Our high quality Italian built granulators are packed with impressive features, as standard, such as compressed air cleaning for the bearing housing and reversible screens.

The X series caters for 30--700kg/hr throughput with motor sizes ranging from 11-22kw.

X40 60 Series Medium to Central

Central (R Series)

As with our entire range all granulators in the R series are manufactured in-house to a high standard in Italy, using well known branded electrics and other off the shelf spares.

The central granulator range is capable of 800-3500kg/hr throughput.

R80 150 Series Central

Thermoforming (T Series)

The T series is a range of thermoforming granulators with throughputs of 240-1250kgs/hr.
T69 130 Thermoforming

We also have blown-film ribbon and edge trim granulator ranges available, for more information please check out the website or email us.