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Renmar signs up Brago Engineering

In Brago Engineering, Renmar now has the services of full time planned maintenance specialists for routine servicing and maintenance who are just as capable of handling major rebuilds and machine installations.

For whatever reason, when a customer’s machine fails to perform properly that customer is going to want it fixed as quickly as possible – or faster. But when you run a small, family owned business it is difficult to justify the cost of a full-time mechanic for when something does go wrong. So when Kevin Horne, the Managing Director of Renmar was contacted by Brago Engineering, he was sufficiently impressed to want to set-up a meeting.

“We have customers throughout the UK.” says Kevin Horne. “And many will have in-house maintenance facilities. But, at the same time, many customers are unable to justify full time staff purely for maintenance and this is where Brago Engineering will come in. It is a good arrangement and they know the Amut range well. Brago will also be able to service our larger granulators as well so from a maintenance and servicing standpoint our customers are covered.”

Brago Engineering is run by Kevin Spargo and Gareth Brown. Between them they have around forty years’ experience of dealing with thermoforming and packaging machines. Their own particular policy is that prevention will always be better than a cure so translated; this means that planned, routine maintenance will always be a better option than sorting out a machine which has failed.

It is a good arrangement for Brago Engineering also. Kevin Spargo: “We are delighted to be working with Renmar. They have a great reputation throughout the plastics industry and we know their machines. We are looking forward to a long working relationship with them.”