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There is no substitute for reliability

There is no substitute for reliability

Reliability and energy efficiency are the two of the main attributes of the TCU and VCU ranges of mould heaters from Renmar. The reliability can be measured by the fact that Renmar still receives spares requests for machines that were sold some twenty plus years ago and which have lasted this long with just simple routine maintenance.

Energy efficiency is due to the high flow rates delivered by both TCU and VCU ranges. As water is delivered through the tool, turbulence occurs which increases the efficiency of the unit and gives better heat transfer. Because the water is delivered at a higher rate and at a potential higher temperature, the tool is heated more quickly and reaches the desired operating temperature in a much shorter time. The result is a mould heater that uses considerably less energy than many competitive heaters.

  • Off –the-shelf microprocessor based PID Eurotherm temperature controller with Process and Setpoint LED readouts with optional Modbus communications
  • 9kw – 48kw heaters
  • 1HP – 10HP pumps
  • Temperatures up to 120c or 150c
  • Graphic control panel with indicator and warning lights
  • Compact cabinet
  • Independent high temperature safety thermostat
  • Flow rates of 132 to 284 litres per minute with 2.0 to 3.7 bar pressure

Prices from just £1,150.00 + VAT Delivered