MRF - Material Recovery Facility

A MRF is designed and constructed for crushing and screening mixed municipal solid waste to divide it into the “dry fraction” - generally used for solid recovered fuel (RDF) production, the “organic fraction” - consisting of organic matter usually destined for bio-stabilisation.

This type of treatment means that the available volume in the landfill site is increased in the ratio of 3:1 compared to traditional compacting with block making equipment.

The plant can also be used for the so-called landfill “post-mortem” treatment for the development of old hazardous or geologically unsuitable sites, as in the case of unauthorised dumping.

The plant is also able to process engineered fuel pellets (“ecoball”) helping in the conversion of polluted sites.

In a recent study by Recoup it was estimated there are only 110 MRF plants in the UK that are sorting household plastic packaging and it was good to see some of these plants were supplied by Amut.

New Amut plant for Biffa, Seaham -


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