PRF - Plastics Recycling Facility

A PRF is designed for sorting plastics coming from separated waste collection, dividing them up into classes of polymer, density and colour. The results of this technology can be seen in the end material, which has very few impurities and can be passed on directly to the consortium chain members or the recycling companies (for the production of plastic flakes, extrusion, thermoforming).

Latest-generation plants are fitted with automatic sorting of products, with minimal manual pickers to separate out bulky materials and to final control with the use of the NIR optical sorting detectors.

In a recent study by Recoup it was estimated there are only 7 PRF plants in the UK that are sorting household plastic packaging and it was good to see of those 7 some of these plants were supplied by Amut.

New Amut recycling plant - Biffa, Seaham -


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